SNS Nails | The not-acrylic acrylic

5 thoughts on “SNS Nails | The not-acrylic acrylic”

    1. I had it done and they put a fast drying coat on after each powder dip and it actually dried immediately and then when they put the last codon it was only two minutes and then it drives very quickly and very hard and it’s been very durable now for one week so far supposed to list three weeks but it didn’t take that long at all but I understand taking it off takes about 15 minutes But applying it doing the whole process was less than 15 minutes for both hands. But I didn’t like was that use the electric sander on my nails which rather than anyway, instead of a hand buffer


      1. I agree. I do not like the electric sander. I since have found a few places that will do SNS without the sander. Mostly independent nail artists.


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